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Sunday, September 18, 2005


Life is a Canvas and we are all Artists
It is upto us what we sketch and how much color we put into it.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

SOME RANDOM QUOTES - by Kaustubh S Patkar

Time is invaluable and I have plenty of it.

Lazyness is the mother of creativity.

Some people do right things, Some people do wrong things,
I prefer to do wrong things the right way.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Standing alone on a rock in the sea
Cold wind blowing hard on my face in the night
Arms wide open in the calmness of the night
encompassing the feeling of oneness with the wind
getting away from the world and emotions
clearing my thoughts finding solace in my solitude

I have had sleepless nights and thoughtless days
Feels like i am fighting all the odds alone
My heart stops pounding
On this dark night its just you and me
Oh full moon u r my speechless friend
U give me the strength to fight the darkness in my life
Ur radiance inspires me conquer this dark night

U will always remain in my memory
As a beacon who guided me through the night to glory
U will always be guiding those in the dark
But you may never see the light
Some are born to guide
Some are born to lead

I see the day at the end of this long night
My friend I have to move on and forget you behind
We have braved through darkness and those harsh winds
But life just moves on and cant stop for those fallen behind

Sunday, February 13, 2005


Why wont you let me live ?

Why wont you let me die ?
What is it that you want from me ?
Why cant I forsee whats in store for me ?
Who have I wronged ?
Why am I cursed ?
Answer my questions or rot in hell !!!

Why is life so hollow ?
Why is there all this sorrow ?
Why cant eternally peace last ?
Why cant I change the past ?
Why cant I live the present ?
What is it about this wretched life that I dissent ?
Answer my questions or rot in hell !!!

No more questions, No more lies
There is noone to answer my cries
Truth has finally dawned upon me
I find my mind to be finally free
There is no God, There is no luck
Life is a war and you cant duck
You are your God, you are your hope

No more prayers, No more alms
Fear, Failure, Death are no more my qualms
Valor, Success, Life are the reasons to survive
Only the strongest and the fittest will thrive
Defiance to Fate, Love for Present, Respect for Past, my insignia
I am walking up the road of my life's mania
Fight for Success, Fight against Failure else rot in hell!!!

Friday, February 11, 2005

G3 Live show

Had been to the G3 show and it was terrific. The guitar playes by the Gods is terrific. Joe Satriani, Steve Vai are simply the gOds of the Rock world. Downloaded some of the G3 videos and Guitar lessons by Satriani using the mighty Google.

If you want to get songs or videos or anything specific use the following format for search

parent directory + " Song name" + .mp3 and you will surely find the song somewhere on the net.

Adios to Google. My Fav. for everything. Google + Firefox = Nirvana

Friday, September 10, 2004


Sitting in the corner I seek solace in my solitude,

Away from the world's piqued platitude.
I know I am an unconquerable spirit,
Abating the bad for good.
The world with eyes covered with bluff of morality,
Can never fathom minds like me.
Am a Restless spirit unleashing my prowess !!!

Saw my woman dying in my hands,
Still remember the face with gun in his hands.
The murderous spirit wanted money,
For a couple of drinks with his crony.
Last thing I remember ,
I had the gun in his mouth and hole in the head.
Am a Restless spirit unleashing my prowess !!!

Now I stalk the streets at night,
With a trident in one hand and Bible in the other,
Seeking my vengeance and ripping the souls of the fouled,
I exorcise the bad with my trident deep in their head .
I dont seek forgiveness for my deed,
I wont seek peace even six feet deep.
I am a recluse seeking my immortal
Through purgation of the praofanity in your world
Am a Restless spirit unleashing my prowess !!!

Monday, September 06, 2004

Tickets to Ozzfest

I wanted to go to Ozzfest but didnt have enough money for the same. The tickets were available from $80 on ticketmaster or similar website. The best rockshow was in in San Bernandino county. There were many rock artists who were going to perform there. Slipknot, Black Sabbath and so on.

Metal Wallpaper


This is a great website to find the wallpapers of all your favourite metal bands. They have a very huge collection.
Presently I have the Black Sabbath wallpaper on my laptop.